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Team Members

A great team with certified Graphic Designer and an certified Preferred Installer,
to bring your dream to reality.

Richard Rouleau

3M Preferred Installer
Richard is a certified 3M Preferred installer. He is our Production Manager here at Rollin’ Graphix. With his 10 years of experience as an installer in various local companies such as KB Media and Drouin Creations which has been assets in his career advancement. Richard was highly recommended to the owners of Rollin' Graphix by suppliers. They distinguished that he is among one of the best installers to "wrap" vehicles in the area. When Richard is not hard at work we can find him playing guitar, singing and making sure that laughter is part of it. Ok laughter at work also, LOL.

Valérie Desjardins

Graphic Designer
A graduate of La Cité, Valérie is a local graphic designer and has had the opportunity to learn more about corporate design, within different companies such as KB Media, Chabo Design and Studio Signs Visual Media. Valérie is very familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other software. She is passionate about everything related to Disney. In her spare time, she is found, pen in hand and creating various sketches. Valérie is a proud volunteer with more then 500 hours given with passion and dedication to "Écho d’un Peuple" show.